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Where to start looking for a good face and wrinkle cream ? - Question by Kirsten :

Skin Care CREAMS LIST PART 5 : That we have reviews on - Answer by Jenny :

Here's PART 5 to the list we now keep updated.

This is list (on a request by Kirstin) of skin care creams and products that were discussed. You can read the reviews by using the search function on this website.

As you know, for all of these skin care creams, you can find helpful reviews on these products :

Here is now PART 5 of the list :

Some popular anti aging creams right now are : the OHT Peptide 3 cream, the TNS Recovery Complex, The StriVectin SD (was in our list number 4 already), the AlphaDerma CE, The Airbrush Eye Cream, the No7 Protect and Perfect range (at Boots), the Estee Lauder anti aging products (Perfectionist CP+ with Poly Collagen Peptides : the Correcting Serum : this is for lines and wrinkles in the face, on a per skin type product / The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Comples : this is for repairing the look of damaged skin area / The Idialist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher of Estee Laudere : it will help minimise the appearance of pores). The Hyaluronic Serum SkinSN wrinkle treatments, The Mary Cohr New Youth Cream, the Gotu Kola products and wrinkle removers, Cosmedix skin products, The Bioque Serum XL treatment and Pretox range of products, The Guinot products wrinkle reducers, Matrixyl 3000 as an ingredient, Protox wrinkle serum, Resylane dermal filler, Dr. Denise products, Dead Sea Skin products, the products of Dr. Edmund Chein, Nexiderm SP and Auravita.

You can find free trial samples for most of these creams on the official sales stores, or even directly on the official websites. Try before you buy is my advice, try out if the product fits your type of skin. And as you know, what is good for me, may not be fit for you, and vice versa. Keep this in mind, especially when reading the reviews.

The list will be updated regularly.

Warm regards,


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