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Where to start looking for a good face and wrinkle cream ? - Question by Kirsten :

CREAMS That we have reviews on - Answer by Jenny :

Dear Kirsten,

As I promised, here's an addition to the list we already posted earlier this month.

This is a short list of skin care creams and products that were discussed here, or on skin care discussions you can find using the search function on this website.

As you know, for all of these skin care creams, you can find interesting reviews on these products :

So here 's part 2 of the list :

There are the Osmotics FNS products, the Pond's Radiance, the Shiseido products, the Estee Lauder range (Spotlight eg), Z Bigatti Re-Storation Enlighten, Rejuvinol, Mary Kay Timewise among others, Lancome Resurface is worth a try too, Clinique Stop is too, Rederma wrinkle treatments, Dermavisu anti wrinkles, Freezox wrinkle removers, True Radiance and Replexion, Prevage, Botopical, Nu Skin. There's the Avotone Wrinkle Relaxant and the Freeze 247. Anti Oxidant creams by Elizabeth Arden (First Defense among others). Night Care, Gemology, and La Prairie. La Prairie is known for its so called Cellular Intensive creams (Anti Wrinkle and anti spot).

Perhapse the Special Babor SeaCreation is still available. Must check this out myself. Decleor is a known brand too. Decleor Aroma Sun SPF 30 for example. The Lancaster range with the Wrinkle Lap products (Deep Wrinkle Smoother). The Comesis creams and the Amatokin Emulsions.

For most of the above creams, you can find free trial samples on some official sales stores, or even on the official websites. Try before you buy is my advice, try out if the product fits your type of skin. And as you know, what is good for me, may not be fit for you, and vice versa. Keep this in mind, especially when reading the reviews.

I will add to this list shortly.

Warm regards,


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