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Which New Facial Creams are up for Review ? - Question by Kruzbee Ny :

Hi Jenny,

I was wondering if you have any recommendations for a non smelling or nice smelling wrinkle prevention cream? I like the smell of Olay of Olay. Boots and Philosophy are OK too. I have not tried many different types of creams against aging, but I have a combination skin. My age is 28. My goal is to prevent wrinkles now. And reduce the few I'm starting to see. Do you have any suggestions for face skin care? 

Thanks for the suggestions.


CREAMS & Face Skin Care : That we will review shortly - Answer by Jenny :

Dear Krusbee,

You do know that - as of now - there is no cream that can prevent wrinkles completely ? These facial skin care creams may feel good, or smell good, and they do help put some moisture onto your skin, but nothing short of cosmetic procedures will prevent you from aging! Sunscreen, especially at your age, is your very best bet!

We have had a review on Pond's Dry Skin Cream some time ago. Many women rotate among few moisturizers with SPF and various anti aging ingredients.
There is also the Nuxe facial moisturizer with sunscreen. I know it was for sale at Bendels, and I also saw in for sale online. La Roche Posay, and Lumene are both creams you might like. These are non expensive. The DDF eye cream with sunscreen never burned my eyes. Juice Beauty is also a great line we will spend an article on soon. They use organic juices and natural scents - not perfumes. Peels and moisturizers too from Juice Beauty, as well as wrinkle removers. This line is also used at many spas very much to the liking of the clients. Now there's a lot of advertisement for Garnier Stop these days. It's a cream and treatment that's showing results for aging skin. We will address it in a few weeks perhaps. Watch the facial skin care creams category for an update.

You can look for the reviews on L'Oreal Revitalift and Clinique Superdefense Cream. RoC to me is pretty non-smelling. Hint : At Sephora you can go to start smelling... Even if you prefer the non-scented creams.

Warm regards,


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